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The Key West Band

"Biographies 2012"

Michael Armstrong

Michael began singing in a country band in high school and before long had his own band. In 1996 he got the call to replace the original bassist in Key West Band and before long his talents as a vocalist were recognized and he became the lead vocalist. A few years later he became a partner in the band and at the beginning of 2009, with the retirement of the bandleader, he became the leader of Key West as well as the lead vocalist, bassist and acoustic guitarist. Michael had performed many times with Jimmy Buffett's Pedal Steel guitarist, Doyle Grisham and had opened for two other member of Jimmy Buffett's band, including Mac MacAnally.

Jack Chase

Jack has a wide range of touring experience beginning with a large horn band, ALB,in the seventies and later with country artists, Cimmaron. His expertise as a guitarist allows him to move smoothly from jazz, to soul to country and now to Trop-Rock which he had been playing since 2006. Jack is also a songwriter and has extensive recording experience.

Aubrey Hylton

Aubrey is another Cimmaron alumnus, but before that band he was the keyboardist for Reba Macintire's opening band and has toured the US and Europe with Hal Ketchum. Also a recording engineer and session player, Aubrey has contributed to other artist's projects as far away as Israel. Aubrey came on board in 2006 along with Jack.

Rob Vaughn

Rob grew up in a musical family and still occasionally plays with his father's Motown/Soul band when Key West is not touring. He has led his own jazz band and has been playing with Key West since 2009. When at home, he is in great demand as a session drummer and often sits in with hometown bands when Key West is home from the road. Rob studied percussion while living in Nashville, but has lived in Roanoke, VA since his early teens.

Key West Band

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