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    KWB Tour Dates

    Be sure to check our Tour Dates page, as we are always adding new shows to the calendar. You just never know when The Key West Band will roll into your town, front stage, and center!

    If you love Jimmy Buffett, Tropical Rock, and just an all round high energy show, you won't want to miss a minute of Key West!

    KWB Biographies

    The Key West Band is a hit at any venue, bringing the best in Trop Rock and always leave the fans, old and new alike, wanting more!

    Click the view button below and read more about the members; Michael Armstrong, Jack Chase, Aubrey Hylton, and Rob Vaughn.

    • John Smith

      General Menager

    • Marry Anderson

      Ass. Manager

    • Micheal Fisher


    • Alexsandra Smith

      Personel Manager

    • Matheus Prahk

      Code Developer

    • Philips Gorden

      Online Support

    Since 1947-2012

    Key West Band

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    Micheal Smith Fisher:

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